Mind Kitchen Media

Serving Up the Future,
One Bite at a Time...

Today’s world changes at an ever quickening pace. You need a team who knows how to keep up. Mind Kitchen Media provides design services with an eye to the future.

Made in Oregon

Located in sunny—oh, who are we kidding—rainy Portland, Oregon, we’re ready to stick it out indoors so your business can shine. Whether you need branding, a simple logo, brand new website or help figuring out what’s going on with Facebook and Twitter; Mind Kitchen Media can help you out. Our team is passionate about design and the application of technology.

Ready to Help

The team here at Mind Kitchen Media has been producing content for the web for more than a decade and physical media for the better part of five years. Take a look through our portfolio to see some of our past work. If you enjoy it, and we think you will, feel free to get ahold of us so we can improve your business image, bring in more customers and increase sales.

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